Fresh Founders Features Jay Maharaj of TeamLinkt

Fresh Founders, a monthly event in Saskatoon hosted by Innovation Place and Co.Labs, brings together entrepreneurs, students, developers and professionals who have an idea or are in the early stages of starting a tech company. The event provides opportunities for mentorship and networking to those who are dipping their toes into the possibility of being a tech startup founder.

At this month’s Fresh Founders, our special guest was Jay Maharaj, co-founder of TeamLinkt. Jay and his company are building a sports team management app that’s available for free for teams and leagues of all levels. TeamLinkt allows teams to share rosters, schedules and availability, as well as chat with each other and now even stream live video of their games and practices.

Jay discussed starting up TeamLinkt with co-founder Dale Lemke, a veteran of Saskatoon’s tech scene. The company originally started as a real estate app called ClientLinkt. After participating in the Seattle-based accelerator program 9 Mile Labs, their startup took their core technology and pivoted to a market that has given them better traction and growth—helping sports teams manage their complicated lives. 

Sports software is a competitive market, so Jay also discussed what it’s like to take on the incumbents in the space, and what they are doing to set TeamLinkt apart from their competitors. Since returning from Seattle, TeamLinkt is now growing in Co.Labs with no signs of slowing down!

Fresh Founders is one of many tenant programs offered by Innovation Place. Plan to attend an upcoming event and learn more about Saskatchewan’s vibrant tech sector! 

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- November 15, 2018