DNA Hits the Road with Genome 360

The following is an excerpt from The Winnipeg Free Press article, featuring Genome Prairie, a tenant at Innovation Place in Saskatoon.

Genome Prairie and a consortium of other organizations have built a $2.3-million mobile DNA sequencing lab that will provide agricultural pathogen testing — and ultimately, human health testing — using the very latest technology on the market.

The mobile lab, which will be unveiled at Red River College on March 22, will include the newest DNA sequencing technology from Illumina Canada — the same kind of technology used by commercial genetic testing firms such as 23andMe and AncestryDNA.

In addition to being able to speed up testing to detect pathogens in crops, for instance, plans for the mobile lab include deploying it to schools for educational purposes. The lab and additional technology will likely eventually be used to speed up and repatriate medical cancer testing in the province.

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About Genome Prairie

Genome Prairie is the leading not-for-profit organization for support and management of large-scale genomics and related bioscience research projects in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Industry sectors such as agriculture, health, mining and energy are benefitting from the organization's outreach and commercialization initiatives.

Genome Prairie’s offices are located at Innovation Place in Saskatoon and in Winnipeg. To learn more, visit the website.

- March 22, 2019