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Simple Compliance Solutions

Did you know that there are eight different cannabis licence sub-classes that companies can operate under? The options include everything from research to “sale for medical purposes” and large-scale standard cultivation, and Shannon Colbert has developed successful license applications to Health Canada for each of them.

Shannon is the force behind Simple Compliance Solutions Ltd., a startup located at Innovation Place in Saskatoon, that provides regulatory advice and associated services to help new, established or transitioning companies develop quality-assurance systems and navigate Health Canada’s drug regulations.

With a Masters in Science from the University of Saskatchewan and extensive career experience in the cannabis and radiopharmaceuticals industries, Shannon’s a sought-after resource, especially in the era of cannabis legalization.

Simple Compliance Solutions has worked with large cannabis corporations with $20 million investors in their sights, as well as small, family operations (think: microbreweries, but instead of crafting small batches of beer, it’s recreational cannabis products). The companies contract Shannon as an ad hoc resource when they reach phases of development that require regulatory checks and balances.

As Shannon explains it, her role is to “get people the licenses they need from Heath Canada so they can do the work they want to do, and make sure they’re doing it with a quality-focused frame of mind.”

With Simple Compliance Solutions at work on the regulatory side of things, the business owners and employees can stay focused on their operational tasks. Additionally, quality assurance is expensive to maintain as a full-time department, so hiring a consultant on an as-needed basis is not only essential to operations, but it’s also good business sense.

Companies in the drug development world have a lot on the line, especially those with new innovations. Getting approval from the government is a necessary hurdle to clear. Shannon wants to see them succeed, and the truth is that Health Canada does, too. It’s a sentiment that she takes care to explain to her clients. “Drug regulations are not as scary as people think,” she says. “Health Canada doesn’t want to stop your success… [They are] there to make sure the drugs are safe and to ensure that people have access to them.”

Shannon is one of a kind, literally. She’s the only person in Saskatoon that specializes in drug regulatory affairs and quality consulting. Her uniqueness means that there’s no shortage of new projects. Her roster of clients even includes two business located here in Innovation Place, Saskatchewan Research Council and Canadian Isotope Innovations Corporation.

Further, with her office located in the Atrium Business Centre she’s been able to connect clients with fellow tenants—sometimes even neighbours. Case in point: A client had mentioned interest in virtual reality. Shannon was able to refer them to the entrepreneur next door, Mike Wesolowski, CEO of Luxsonic Technologies.

“It’s great being in the park. It gives me tremendous motivation and it feels good to be around like-minded professionals.”

Contact information:

Shannon Colbert
Simple Compliance Solutions Ltd.
105G - 111 Research Drive
Saskatoon SK

- March 25, 2019