Agrimatics Included in List of Startups Growing Canada’s Ag Sector

Agrimatics was recently highlighted in an AgFunderNews article entitled "Canada AgriFood Tech Market Map: 166 Startups Growing Canada’s Agricultural Sector".

The list of startups highlights the "strongest, most prominent and leading agtech companies globally".

Agrimatics, an Innovation Place tenant located in Saskatoon, appears in the list of companies in the Internet of Things (IoT) sector. In agriculture, IoT includes the use of sensors and other devices to collect data on farm actions and events.

Founded in 2012, Agrimatics offers award-winning products in the agricultural, telecommunications and weighing industries. Their flagship tablet and smartphone-based products include Libra Cart, a grain cart weighing and data management system, and Libra TMR, a livestock feed ration and data management system.

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- May 3, 2019