Canadian Isotope Innovations Featured as Success Story

Innovation Saskatchewan recently featured Canadian Isotope Innovations (CII) as a success story.

Founded by Doug Ullrich and Mark de Jong in 2015, CII produces a clean, reliable solution to the world’s medical isotope shortage.

CII is the first producer of reactor-free medical isotopes at a commercial scale. The isotopes are produced without the use of uranium or a nuclear reactor and are created in such a way that the supply of isotopes is guaranteed. The availability of isotopes is essential to a doctor’s ability to perform critical, lifesaving diagnostic procedures.

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About Canadian Isotope Innovations

CII provides a secure supply of key medical isotopes to the radiopharmaceutical industry using innovation applications of proven technology.

CII has developed a world-class solution to a medical isotope supply challenge that threatens over 18 million diagnostic procedures each year in North America. Using an advanced linear accelerator transmutation process, they produce a critical solution to the world’s shortage, one that is clean, high quality and reliable.

Canadian Isotope Innovations is a tenant at Innovation Place in Saskatoon.

To learn more about CII, visit the website.

- May 10, 2019