Luxsonic Wins Contract with the Canadian Space Agency

The following is an excerpt from the CTV Saskatoon article, “Saskatoon tech company strives for VR medical training in space”, which features Luxsonic Technologies Inc., an Innovation Place tenant located in Saskatoon.

When the time comes for the Canadian Space Agency to embark on deep space missions beyond the moon, a Saskatoon tech company hopes to have its virtual reality technology right up there with astronauts.

“It’s an amazing opportunity for us and for me personally, it’s super cool,” said Mike Wesolowski, CEO of Luxsonic Technologies Inc. He said he caught the space bug early in his life when his father used to share fictional space exploration stories.

Now Wesolowski is the head of his very own virtual reality company at Innovation Place in Saskatoon. Recently Luxsonic Technologies Inc. won a contract with the Canadian Space Agency to build the CaregiVR, a virtual reality medical training program astronauts take up to space to spruce up their medical skills while floating in the zero-gravity environment.

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About Luxsonic

Luxsonic is pioneering immersive medical technologies through the creation and deployment of virtual reality solutions. Founded in 2014 by medical researcher scientists, Luxsonic has grown into a dedicated team of researchers, content creators, software developers and medical professionals who share a similar passion for innovation in healthcare.

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- May 31, 2019