Innovation Place Tenant Feature

Alttra Solutions Makes Sense of Cryptocurrencies with Cerulio

Alttra Solutions, a tenant located at Innovation Place in Regina, recently released their web application, Cerulio.

Cerulio is a web application that, by analyzing the sentiment of social media posts, helps users understand how cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, for example) are forecasted to perform in the market.

When there’s a spike in cryptocurrency prices, people are more likely to share positive messages about the market on social media platforms, and when the prices dip, the sentiment of social mentions follows suit.

Within seconds, Cerulio inspects market sentiment and presents the data as a helpful chart that illustrates what the market is thinking at any given time.

Alttra Solutions was co-founded in 2016 by Brian Hewitt, Clayton Brezinski, Steven Greenbank, Dylan Rush and Kai Charette. Starting from a group of blockchain enthusiasts in Regina, Alttra became focused on the applications of Big Data in the blockchain space. The Cerulio platform was created to measure social sentiment in the cryptocurrency market, allowing investors and researchers to forecast demand.

"Having the opportunity to be at Innovation Place has allowed Alttra to truly thrive," writes Kai Charette. "Innovation Place has been integral to our success; since joining the community, we’ve seen a tremendous amount of growth."

In 2018, Alttra entered Deloitte's Fast 50 competition, and placed second in the companies-to-watch category. This enabled them to make connections throughout the Blockchain space and put Alttra on the map.

Currently, Alttra is offering consulting services for businesses looking to better understand the Blockchain space. Alttra is now working on a new project on the Ethereum platform, with more details to come.

To hear (and see!) more about Alttra, check out episode 23 of the Startupville Podcast. In “Blockchain Buzz”, host Dan Gold speaks with Alttra’s Kai Charette about the benefits and pitfalls of blockchain technology, and how Alttra works with companies to address problems that blockchain is uniquely suited to solve.

- July 12, 2019