Here Comes BarCamp!

BarCamp is back! The tech conference that brings learning and sharing together in an open environment happens in Saskatoon on October 19.

Saskatoon has been hosting BarCamp events since 2006, and the “rules” are always the same: attendees are encouraged to present or facilitate a session or otherwise contribute to the event, and everyone is asked to share their experiences and takeaways in some fashion, whether face-to-face or via social media.

Those in attendance — anyone interested in technology — will shape the course of the ad-hoc “un-conference”. With just over a week until BarCamp kicks off, the agenda already lists 10 submitted talks on topics ranging from “Women in Tech – Did we get it wrong?” to “fUNemployment Pt 2”, and three requested talks, including “Technology and Cooking”.

There’s still time to get involved! Submit your talk, request a topic and get your (free!) tickets on the BarCamp site.

Innovation Place is proud to be a sponsor of BarCamp Saskatoon, an event that helps keep Saskatchewan’s vibrant tech sector growing.

- October 10, 2019