Innovation Place Tenants Share Expertise on Leading Change

On October 23, three Innovation Place tenants in Saskatoon were keynote speakers at the ASQ Excellence in Quality Night.

Approximately 50 attendees gathered at the University of Saskatchewan to learn from quality professionals and network with industry experts. The event also provided an opportunity for local students to share comprehensive research posters, a result of their partnership with ASQ Saskatchewan.

The evening's presentations by Innovation Place tenants focused on Leading Change. They included:

  • Embracing Quality: Moving Innovation
    Shannon Colbert of Simple Compliance Solutions discussed the evolution of quality management systems and the importance of early implementation. She reiterated the need for reference standards, including ISO and industry best practices, and addressed continuous improvement opportunities and obstacles associated with embracing quality.
  • The Immersive Future of Training and Certification
    Dr. Mike Wesolowski of Luxsonic Technologies shared the power and benefits of immersive technologies, including virtual, augmented and mixed reality applications. He provided a sneak peek of a lab-based training tool and discussed quality management’s critical role in industries ranging from health care, education and retail to travel, automotive and aerospace. 
  • A New Paradigm for Mo-99/Tc-99m Supply
    Dr. Mark de Jong of Canadian Isotope Innovations discussed the advantages of electron linear accelerator (LINAC) production of medical isotopes and CII’s ability to guarantee supply and meet demands. Their innovation has resulted in a simplified supply chain, ensuring radio-pharmacies and hospitals have the isotopes they need for critical diagnostic procedures.
Shannon serves as ASQ Saskatchewan chair and acknowledged the executive's contributions to the local section. She continues to work with fellow tenants at Innovation Place and companies in pursuit of excellence in quality controls, tools and technologies.

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For more information visit the ASQ Global or ASQ Saskatchewan websites.

Shannon Colbert, Simple Compliance Solutions

Dr. Mike Wesolowski, Luxsonic Technologies

Dr. Mark de Jong, Canadian Isotope Innovations

ASQ Excellence in Quality Night, October 23 at the University of Saskatchewan

- October 25, 2019