Salute for a Giant in Pioneering CCS for the World

Mike Monea Steps Down as President & CEO of International CCS Knowledge Centre

After a decade of advancing carbon capture and storage (CCS) onto the world stage, Mike Monea has notified the International CCS Knowledge Centre of his plans to step down from his role as President & CEO as of November 1, 2019.

“I salute Mike not only for his commitment to CCS technology; but for his vision – a vision for a world of communities and countries that achieve sustainability in a way that ensures environmental, economic, and energy security with CCS making a viable contribution,” said Graham Winkelman, Chair of Board of Directors for the International CCS Knowledge Centre, in an email to global stakeholders.  

The International CCS Knowledge Centre is an Innovation Place tenant in Regina. A non-profit, non-partisan organization, they aim to advance the understanding and use of CCS as a means of managing greenhouse gas emissions.

Read the full announcement on the International CCS Knowledge Centre website.

- November 7, 2019