Upping Your Compost Game at Innovation Place in Saskatoon

Compost in Your Space

On Friday, November 8, Innovation Place will be handing out workspace bins (pictured) to any and all interested tenants in Saskatoon. Pop by the Galleria common area (15 Innovation Boulevard) between 9:30 and 10:30 am to pick up a bin for your company’s workspace. You’ll also be able to chat with Ryan and Jenna from Loraas Organics as well as Innovation Place Facilities Manager Gaelan McGregor to ask questions about composting and get the details on how making an effort to compost in your office impacts and is addressed by janitorial services at Innovation Place.

Compost in Common Spaces

In February 2019, Innovation Place in Saskatoon literally rolled out new tri-stream bins in the Atrium and Concourse buildings in Saskatoon. We installed custom signage in these to help show tenants what they could recycle and what they could compost, and asked them if what they had was actually trash — because it’s a worth a thought before you toss.

After an audit on the usage of these bins, we did some moving around. There are now 11 tri-stream bins located in main floor common spaces throughout the park.

Click here for a map showing the approximate common space locations of the tri-stream bins where you can recycle and compost.

What Can I Compost?

Previously, Loraas Organics, the folks who handle the organics aspect of our waste management portfolio, would only accept plant-based waste, unsoiled (or minimally-soiled) compostable food fibres, egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, etc.

Well, the game has changed.

Thanks to a new installation utilizing GORE® Cover Technology, Loraas Organics can now accept all of the aforementioned items as well as breads, grains, pasta, soiled food-contaminated fibres, proteins, bones and solidified dairy products such as cheese, yogurt and solid butter. Click here for a handy poster from Loraas Organics showing what items are compostable.

GORE® technology effectively mitigates composting impacts associated with odours and emissions. The system helps control air flow, temperature and moisture.

Waste Management at Innovation Place in Saskatoon

Waste management is an important aspect to our sustainability and green efforts. It refers to:

  • The reduction of waste;
  • The non-generation of waste; and
  • The appropriate disposal of waste.

As such, we have waste management plans in place for recyclables, organics and trash. We perform waste audits. And we make an effort to provide opportunities for education related to waste diversion and management through our Sustainability Series lunch and learns.

For more information about the waste management efforts at Innovation Place in Saskatoon, please contact Facilities Manager Gaelan McGregor.

- November 4, 2019