Luxsonic's VR Technology Showcased in Saskatoon and Beyond

For the first time, Luxsonic Technologies' virtual reality MRI preparation experience was used at the new Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital in Saskatoon. Luxsonic worked with the Saskatchewan Health Authority to develop the experience over the last year. It is now part of the larger MRI Ready Program at the hospital.

Luxsonic, an Innovation Place tenant in Saskatoon, develops virtual reality applications for innovative Canadian healthcare institutions. Their VR software products improve medical education, training and healthcare delivery while reducing operational costs.

To see the technology in action, watch the CTV Saskatoon news clip.

Luxsonic is also making its mark outside the province, recently achieving two world firsts with SieVRt, Canada’s first virtual reality medical imaging system. In October, SieVRt was used for an international collaborative diagnosis during a NEPTUNE under-sea mission in Key Largo, Florida. It was also used in a microgravity environment during a Project PoSUMM parabolic flight mission in Ottawa, Ontario.

To kearn more about these world firsts, visit their Linkedin page.

For more information, visit the Luxsonic website.

- December 2, 2019