Road Coffee Co. CEO Nominated for National Business Award

Why there's 'no slowing down' for this Saskatoon coffee entrepreneur

Alisha Esmail, CEO and owner of Saskatoon-based Road Coffee Co. is one of three finalists in a national business competition. With the $20,000 prize, Alisha Esmail said she could grow the microloan side of the operation.

“It could definitely help us in this next phase of growth, growth is expensive … I think some of the finances would go towards one of our upcoming microloan projects and help a family in Peru, help move their business to the next stage as well.”

HerTurn is a new competition series highlighting female entrepreneurs in Canada. Over the course of one month, three finalists will face small business challenges and work with industry experts who will determine a winner.

Esmail is well known in the Innovation Place community. Her branded coffee Road is served at the Concourse Coffee Lounge at the Saskatoon park and her startup company Filtr Trade is located at Co.Labs, Saskatchewan's first technology incubator. Filtr Trade is an online marketplace for coffee exporters to sell directly to roasters.

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- December 2, 2019