Saskatoon Internet Exchange (YXEIX) Continues to Grow

On December 9, the Saskatoon Internet Exchange (YXEIX) announced a new connection point in downtown Saskatoon.

Local companies, government agencies and internet service providers have enhanced internet access, thanks to two connection points in the downtown area and one at Innovation Place.

According to the December 9 news release, the expansion was a result of collaboration between the City of Saskatoon, Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), University of Saskatchewan, Innovation Place and countless volunteers.

What is the YXEIX?

YXEIX provides not-for-profit electronic infrastructure for internet traffic in the province. Established in 2017, the mandate of YXEIX is simple: To benefit Saskatchewan’s internet community.

According to their website, YXEIX allows networks to interconnect on an open access ethernet fabric, providing low latency, high bandwidth and cost-effective network peering in the Saskatoon area.

So what does this mean?

Simply put, YXEIX helps local traffic stays local. The reduction of out-of-province data transmission results in cost effective and efficient network traffic.

Innovation Place was home to the first YXEIX location in 2017 – a perfect fit, considering we exist to help grow Saskatchewan’s technology sector.

If you search the Innovation Place tenant directory, you’ll see YXEIX is located at 121 Research Drive in Saskatoon. The small space consists of racks of network equipment – and no people. Definitely not your typical tenant at Innovation Place.

Ian Perry, Director of Information Technology at Innovation Place, serves as both YXEIX board member and network manager. He’s optimistic about the future of the internet exchange.

“The number of organizations working together to make the internet better is exciting – collaboration like this is rare,” Perry said.

“Watching the continued growth of traffic flowing over the internet exchange and seeing others benefit from our work is the best recognition we could ask for.”

So what does this mean for Innovation Place tenants?

Well, tenants have access to an increasingly robust, reliable network, with direct access to local internet content and increased transfer speeds. The steady growth of YXEIX will continue to enhance this network and ultimately benefit companies in the technology park.

By working together with established internet service providers, YXEIX complements – rather than competes with – existing services such as SaskTel, Shaw and SRNet. This collaboration allows YXEIX to retain a focus on local internet performance and fulfill its mandate of benefiting Saskatchewan’s internet community.

YXEIX is only one component of the complex and high-capacity network infrastructure at Innovation Place. With multiple routes to the internet, automatic failover and backup power generation capacity, tenants can rely on internet access and bandwidth allocation that meets and exceeds their needs.

For more information, visit the YXEIX website.

- December 13, 2019