Feature Story

Meet the Tenants: Kinemek

Learn more about Kinemek, an Innovation Place tenant in Saskatoon specializing in designing products requiring innovative mechanical solutions.

Co.Labs Pivots Co.Learn with New Founder Speaker Series

The four-part webinar series aims to help youth in Saskatchewan become tech founders and/or launch their tech careers.

Tech Tips...with Melanie Morrison: How To Start Your Own Tech Company

BetterCart CEO and Founder Melanie Morrison gives her top three entrepreneurial tech tips.


COVID-19 Updates

Saskatoon & Regina

Learn more about the remaining opening dates of Phase 4 (July 6, July 9 and July 16) of the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan on the Government of Saskatchewan website.

Innovation Place reception areas (Regina Administration Office, Saskatoon Administration Office and Saskatoon Maintenance Office) will re-open to the public, starting Monday, July 6. We will continue to be closed over the lunch hour (12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.) for the foreseeable future. Our primary focus continues to be ensuring we provide a safe and healthy environment for our staff and tenants – as directed by government and public health authorities.

Please visit our Coronavirus / COVID-19 Updates & Resources page for the latest park-specific updates and contact us with any questions.

New Parking System in Regina


To allow a greater degree of consistency between the University of Regina and Innovation Place, we are aligning our parking permitting with that of the University and are discontinuing the use of physical parking permits. We will be changing over to a license plate recognition format. Information relating to this new system will be sent out once available for distribution.

To ensure you don’t receive a ticket in our lots in July when we transition to the new system, please contact our office and update your information.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office at 306.798.7275 or regina@innovationplace.com.

Innova­tion Place Events

  • learning

Intro to Customer Experience and Startups

Cover the concepts of customer experience (CX), share stories and talk about why startups need to have a CX strategy


Managing Remote Teams

presented with Monday.com

Learn how you can effectively manage a remote team, or simply provide greater flexibility to your local employees with an effective remote strategy


Organize or Agonize

Learn how to become a better decision maker and defeat the productivity pirates

Tenant Programming Archive

Miss an event? Catch up with access to video / slide resources from the presentations.

Identify, and Remove, Five Sources of Customer Friction

Alices discusses how reducing or eliminating friction from your sales process will have an immediate and positive impact on your top line cash flow.

Build Your Azure and IoT Skill Sets

Deepark and Nik introduce you to Azure IoT with examples and a Q&A session.

The Art & Science of Marketing

Ryan Townend discusses how to build a brand and marketing plan that drives results during challenging economic times.

Intellectual Property Strategy

Marnie Fyten discusses how protecting intangible assets through formal IP rights can give you an advantage over the competition and identify potential partners.

Startup­ville Podcast

Startupville is presented by Innovation Place & Martin Charlton Communications

Feature Episode:

Protecting Local

with Jeff Tomlin of Vendasta