Coronavirus / COVID-19

Resources for Saskatchewan Businesses

Innovation Place continues to recognize the impact COVID-19 has had on our tenants. As we navigate through these challenging times, we want to ensure that you are aware of the supports that may be available to you. Below is a list of government support programs that are being offered to small businesses impacted by the pandemic.

Saskatchewan Small Business Emergency Payments (SSBEP): SSBEP provides financial assistance to small businesses that have been ordered to temporarily close or substantially curtail operations between December 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021 due to a public health order to control the transmission of COVID-19. Apply before April 30, 2021

Strong Recovery Adaptation Rebate (SRAR): SRAR reimburses eligible small businesses in Saskatchewan for one-time, incremental expenses they have incurred to adapt their business model to operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. Apply before March 31, 2021

Re-open Saskatchewan Training Subsidy (RSTS): RSTS provides funding to support training for businesses to avoid layoffs, maintain operations and prepare for the phased re-opening of Saskatchewan’s economy. Apply before March 31, 2021

Additional provincial and federal supports can be found below.

Provincial and Federal Support

The Government of Saskatchewan COVID-19 website provides a wide range of provincial and federal resources to assist Saskatchewan businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Access the latest information and updates on their COVID-19 Support for Businesses page.

Saskatchewan Support

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Federal Support

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Local & Regional Resources

Looking for COVID-19 resources specific to Saskatoon and Regina? Access a wealth of information courtesy of the chambers and economic development authorities.



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