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Galleria Entrance Closure


Sorry about the noise! The excavation work related to the preparation for our upcoming washroom renovation in the Galleria is requiring some power tools that are causing some unexpected noise and vibration. Additionally, the work is taking a bit longer than planned and the southeast entrance at the Galleria will remain closed longer than originally projected, but we will keep you updated!

We still ask that while we're doing this work, you use alternate building entrances. The barrier-free parking stalls adjacent to that entrance will unfortunately also be inaccessible, however, more barrier-free parking stalls are located on the north side of the Galleria to use. We apologize for any inconvenience and thanks for your patience! Questions?

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You've probably noticed our website is looking a lot cooler and cleaner now and that's because it is! Our new website puts everything you need right at your fingertips (or mouse). A few things to note:

Tenant Resources incorporates everything you need to know about our services and amenities into one easy-to-use experience

Our Community explores stories of technological innovation and provides professional and business development resources

The Scene morphed back to its singular newsletter form, delivering Saskatchewan tech sector updates weekly. Subscribe today!

And that’s just Phase 1! We’re going to keep adapting and expanding our site as needed. Got any tips? See a typo? Link broken? Let us know at feedback@innovationplace.com

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