Feature Story

Innovation Saskatchewan Invests in the Future of Saskatchewan Tech

Innovation Saskatchewan announced a new $15 million investment in the Saskatchewan ag tech sector.

ZYUS and the Future of Plant-Based Vaccines

Brent Zettl, president and CEO of ZYUS, discusses the research and process behind creating a plant-based COVID-19 vaccine.

Genome Prairie and SHRF Fund U of R’s Genome Capture Project

The COV3R project will detect COVID-19, the flu and other infections and address the issue of detecting co-infections in humans.



Saskatoon & Regina

PayByPhone parking offers park visitors a convenient alternative to paying at the meter. Meters offering this option display a PayByPhone sticker.

Use the app and take advantage of these benefits:

  • Receive text reminders before your parking session expires
  • Extend your parking time through the app
  • Move your vehicle and use remaining time in other Innovation Place parking lots

For more information, visit the Tenant Resources Sites.

Saskatoon: Tenant Resources
Regina: Tenant Resources

Non-Flushable Items

Saskatoon & Regina

A friendly reminder to please not flush materials like flushable wipes, paper towel and personal hygiene items down the toilet because they cause blockages in our sewer system. Please use the brown paper bags in the stalls to dispose of these items in the bathroom trash bin.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Saskatoon: saskatoon@innovationplace.com / 306.933.6609
Regina: regina@innovationplace.com / 306.798.7275

Innova­tion Place Events

  • learning

Creating Connections While Social Distancing

Identify communication styles, refine your elevator pitch, discuss effective networking skills and online meetings and explore follow-up etiquette

Tenant Programming Archive

Miss an event? Catch up with access to video / slide resources from the presentations.

Understanding Programmatic Recruitment

Learn about programmatic recruitment -- the use of technology to determine the appropriate sources and then interface directly with all of the best job boards / social media available.

Organize or Agonize

Learn about the knowledge worker revolution, the four D's of decision making, productivity pirates and the urgent value add matrix.

Managing Remote Teams

Learn how you can effectively manage a remote team, or simply provide greater flexibility to your local employees with an effective remote strategy.

Intro to Customer Experience and Startups

Janelle introduces the concepts of customer experience (CX), shares stories and talks about why startups need to have a CX strategy.

Startup­ville Podcast

Startupville is presented by Innovation Place & Martin Charlton Communications

Feature Episode:

Safety First

with Ryan Quiring of SafetyTek